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The Sorroundings


La Mortilla is located in the middle of a huge area full of natural and monumental/historical sites among the most beautiful and interesting of the whole Sicily.

In half an hour driving you can be in the Valle dei Templi di Agrigento, a UNESCO world heritage, with some of the better preserved greek temple of the world built on the edge of a cliff dominating the valley and, on the background, the sea. And on the way to the temples, you can have a stop at "Scala dei Turchi", a bright white cliff diving in a crystalline sea.

In 20 km you can be in the archelogical area of Eraclea Minoa, with a very interesting museum and the greek theatre built on the edge of Capo Bianco a white headland dividing the two beaches of Minoa and Foce del Fiume Platani (a natural preseved area with an 8km golden sand beach between the river and the sea)

In 30 km you can then be in Caltabellotta, a small village built on the edge of a jagged mountain which reminds some parts of the Dolomites, where the Normans left some of the most interesting and well preserved monuments of the whole Sicily.

In 40 minutes driving, you che reach Sciacca, with its original urban topography made in parallel streets stepping down to the port and the sea. Getting lost in the narrow streets between the arab and the Barocco's buildings, taking a look to the handmade pottery shops is an unmissable experience.

An then a little bit further but by the way reachable in a one day tour from La Mortilla, Selinunte, the huger archelogiacl area of Europe, Unesco World Heritage as well, Naro with its sumptuous Barocco's Churches, Segesta, with the greek theatre built on the edge of a mountain witha limitless view on the valleys and the sea in the background and much more to see and visit.

The coast from Agrigento to Sciacca is possibly one of the most beautiful and pristine of the entire Mediterranean Sea. In half an hour driving you can reach the beaches of Riserva di Torre Salsa, the mentioned Scala dei Turchi, Giallonardo, Foce del Fiume Platani and, if you are looking for something more equipped, the beaches of Bovo Marina and Eraclea Minoa.